You’ll Be Amazed At How Quick, Easy And Fun It Is To Learn Mandarin Chinese With The PRC Method. Find Out How To Learn Chinese In No Time And See Yourself Advance By Leaps And Bounds With This Revolutionary Method.


  • ​Climbing Mount Everest is easier than learning Chinese Mandarin! Your numerous attempts at learning Chinese Mandarin has led to nothing but frustration and self-loathing. It’s just too difficult.
  • ​​Chinese Characters are just a bunch of meaningless strokes. You can never recognize or easily mistake one Chinese Character for another, and find difficulty in recalling the meaning of each Chinese Character.
  • ​​There’s no one to bounce questions off with. Your learning progress is extremely slow because you have no support system or people to practice with.
  • ​​There are only so many hours in day. You have little or no time to revise or practice what you have learnt which further hinders your learning progress.
  • ​​You can’t seem to focus or absorb the lessons because the course content is too ‘academic’ and just awfully dull. You’d rather watch paint dry.

We’re well aware of these cumbersome roadblocks, and we’re here to change all that.

That’s why we created MandarinKit

Many Chinese language students just like you struggle with learning Mandarin Chinese using conventional methods. The founding team behind MandarinKit consist of both native and non-native speakers of Mandarin Chinese. Based on our professional teaching experience as well as personal learning experience we identified the most common issues students face when learning Mandarin Chinese the conventional way.

  • ​​There are more than 50,000 Chinese Characters. But all you need to read a newspaper is to learn the most common 2,000 Chinese Characters. Conventional teaching methods rely heavily on pure memorization, but not everyone has a photographic memory.
  • ​​Boring learning materials and uninspiring instructors. Textbooks and classroom learning are only just as good as the content within them. Often times, students find it difficult to focus or absorb what is being taught due to the mind-numbing content.
  • ​​Writing Chinese is too complicated. It is just as important to learn how to write Chinese characters as it is to learn how to speak and read in Mandarin Chinese. But in this age of communication through technology, knowing how to type and text in Chinese makes more sense.

If you’re looking to overcome all these issues, you’ve come to the right place.

​​Introducing The MandarinKit

The MandarinKit is an innovative Members-Only eLearning site which aims to make learning Chinese Mandarin easy, effective and fun.
It’s packed with entertaining and educational content, which you can access anytime, from anywhere. You can conveniently learn and review lessons at your own pace, on your own time, in the comforts of your home or when you’re out and about.

​We believe our tried-and-tested PRC Method is the most effective way to learn Mandarin Chinese. The PRC Method consists of the 3 key components to learning the Chinese language – Pinyin, Radical and Character. Through the PRC Method, you will first learn the P in PRC - Pinyin, or Chinese Pinyin, which is the Romanization of Chinese. As Chinese Characters cannot be read phonetically, it is essential that you first learn Pinyin. With a good foundation in Pinyin, you will be able to master the proper pronunciation of Chinese words, and know how to text and type in Chinese. Kids in the People’s Republic of China learn Chinese beginning with Pinyin too. So, why not follow suit?

​Once you have Pinyin under your learning belt, you will move on to the R in PRC – Radical. Chinese Radicals are the backbone of the Chinese language, like the ABCs of the alphabet. By learning Chinese Radicals you will understand how different Radicals and components are combined to form more complex Chinese Characters. Despite being a fundamental component to learning Mandarin, Chinese Radicals are often overlooked or not given the proper coverage it should receive in the learning process. In MandarinKit you will receive a comprehensive and in-depth learning of Chinese Radicals through our highly creative story-telling approach and original content.

With a good understanding of Pinyin and Radical, you can then conquer the C in PRC – Character. Through our unique story-telling approach and fully illustrated videos, you will be equipped with the knowledge of 198 Chinese Characters which will allow you to read short stories, have simple text conversation and even ordering food at a Chinese restaurant by the end of the PRC Method course.

Because we believe learning a new language should be easy and convenient, and not a bothersome chore, we have structured all the courses and lessons on MandarinKit to allow for self-learning. This is so that you can be in control of when you want to learn and how much or little time you want to spend learning. But, not to worry! MandarinKit has a ton of learning aids to support your self-learning. From built-in dictionaries, flashcards to improve memory and recall of Chinese Characters, to example word and sentence generators, you won’t be short of a readily available resource to learn on your own.

For further assistance you can also connect with our global community of students and professional instructors online. Feel free to share learning tips, discuss lesson topics and make learning Chinese Mandarin an interactive and social experience.

What MandarinKit Will Help You Achieve

​Pinyin Pro

Obtain a solid grasp of Hanyu Pinyin or Chinese Pinyin, the Romanization of Chinese which is essential for learning proper pronunciation and typing in Mandarin Chinese

Master Radical

​Be equipped with a clear understanding of Chinese Radicals, the backbone of the Chinese language, so that you can read and form Chinese Characters with ease

​​Characters Expert

​Build and expand your Chinese Characters vocabulary by leaps and bounds in a short period of time to start reading Chinese articles, books, blogs and beyond like a pro

​​Learning Lifeline

​Connect with a community of Chinese language learners from around the globe and professional instructors who are there to support your learning and encourage an immersive learning experience

Watch our FREE PRC Video Lesson

​Get the FREE training video where you will be learning Chinese Radicals through short animated stories and a series of learning tips to help you understand and form Chinese Characters using Chinese Radicals.

How MandarinKit Will Help You Learn Chinese Quickly & Effectively

​Online Learning Library

​Enjoy exclusive access to a host of educational videos and audio files that are readily available anytime, all the time so that you can learn at your leisure. No schedules or restrictive timetables

​​​Live Streams

​Tune into our LIVE monthly booster classes for a holistic and immersive learning experience. ​Join our LIVE Q&A sessions and get all your questions answered by our professionally trained instructors

​​Peer Support

​Connect with our global community of Chinese language learners to share learning tips, discuss lesson topics or for a friendly exchange to practice what you have learnt.

​Learning Aid

​We have many learning aids such as built-in dictionaries and multimedia flashcards for enhancing memory and recall. You will not run out of learning aids to support your self-learning journey.

​Engaging Content

​Through our creative story telling approach and immersive original content, we will keep you focused and engaged for hours. No boring lessons straight from a textbook here.

Downloadable Materials

All lessons can be downloaded as a PDF (MP3 coming soon) so that you can review them and make notes if you so wish.

meet your trainer

​Behind the MandarinKit is a passionate team of professionals who are dedicated to perfecting the art of teaching Mandarin Chinese with technology. Led by Wenli Ng, the Co-Founder and Chief Trainer of MandarinKit, the team developed the The PRC Method and created the MandarinKit as a platform to share this innovative method with all Mandarin Chinese language learners.

A native Mandarin speaker and professionally trained Mandarin instructor, Wenli has spent most of her professional career teaching Mandarin Chinese as a second language to adults in various countries including the United States of America.  Through her years as a professional Mandarin instructor, she is only too familiar with the many pitfalls students face when learning a new language, especially the Chinese language, through conventional teaching methods.

With the MandarinKit, Wenli aims to make learning Mandarin Chinese easier, faster and more effective for all her students, no matter who they are or where they’re from.

3 ways to learn CHINESE ONLINE with mandarinkit

  • ​Watch & Learn
  • ​Connect & Engage
  • ​the comprehensive way

Essential courses for building a solid foundation for mastering Mandarin Chinese

One-time purchase for life-time access to all Pinyin, Radical and Character courses made conveniently available online.

You have the option to purchase a single course or all three as a bundle at a discount.  Watch and review the course videos anytime from anywhere.

Ideal for beginners or those just looking for a refresher course.

we make learning Chinese online simple and easy

Life-Time Access to All PRC Courses

Discover first-hand the fastest and most effective way to learn Mandarin Chinese using the PRC Method. We simplify learning Mandarin Chinese by breaking the language down to the three fundamentals – Pinyin, Radicals and Characters. No classrooms, no boring blackboard learning. Just carefully crafted lessons made available online so that you can learn at your own pace. Watch or review the video lessons at anytime from anywhere.

​​Exclusive Access to Our Ever Growing Learning Library

​​Once you have built an excellent foundation using our PRC method, don’t stop there; keep on going! Packed with audio and visual content, our learning library is the perfect resource for educational yet entertaining content to help further expand and enhance what you have learnt.  We pump in fresh and exciting content ​every month to promote your continual learning.

​​A Supportive Community of Language Learners And Instructors

​​We believe that peer and professional support is essential for a holistic learning experience. Connect and engage with our community of language learners from around the world to share learning tips, discuss lesson topics, or have an educational exchange. Engage with our professional instructors online for learning support and progress feedback. Get all your burning questions answered during our LIVE Q&A sessions. Tune into the LIVE Monthly Booster Classes for a more immersive experience in learning Mandarin Chinese.

Comprehensive Learning Aids

​​Our aim is to make learning Mandarin Chinese as easy and as convenient as possible. Apart from making our learning videos easily accessible online, we have also incorporated a whole lot of user-friendly learning aids in MandarinKit to support self-learning. From Chinese Learning Apps to an in-built dictionary, you won’t be short of learning tools to help you master Mandarin Chinese quickly and effectively.

  • ​Audio aid for practicing Pinyin pronunciation
  • ​Multimedia Flashcard to practicing Radicals
  • ​Word and Sentence audio toggle
  • ​Downloadable MP3 audio lessons
  • ​Downloadable lesson material

Watch our FREE PRC Video Lesson

​Get the FREE training video where you will be learning Chinese Radicals through short animated stories and a series of learning tips to help you understand and form Chinese Characters using Chinese Radicals.

Here are the Watch & Learn Courses and Bundles

​One-time purchase for life-time access to all Pinyin, Radical and Character courses made conveniently available online. You have the option to purchase a single course or all three as a bundle at a discount.  Watch and review the course videos anytime from anywhere. Ideal for beginners or those just looking for a refresher course.

​Learn Pinyin

​The first essential step to learning Mandarin Chinese

  • ​​Provides you with a visual representation of what Chinese words sound like.
  • ​​Teaches you how to pronounce Chinese words correctly.
  • ​​Instructs you on how to type and text in Mandarin Chinese.
  • ​A key component for learning Chinese Radicals and Characters.
  • ​​Ideal for Beginners.

Life Time Access

​Learn Radical

​The backbone of the Chinese language

  • ​​Teaches you ​the 100 most commonly used Chinese Radicals.
  • ​Helps you identify, remember and recall Chinese Characters with greater ease.
  • ​Uses a story telling approach with fully illustrated videos to keep you focused and engaged.
  • ​Fundamental to advance to learn Chinese Characters.
  • ​Ideal for learners who have a basic understanding of Pinyin.

Life Time Access

​Learn Character

​​Enhance and build your ​Chinese vocabulary

  • ​Teaches you the Four Major Categories of Chinese Characters – Pictograms, Indicatives, Associative Compounds and Pictophonetic Compounds.
  • ​Demonstrates how Chinese Characters are formed using MandarinKit’s Character Dashboard.
  • ​Explains how to form words and sentences with Chinese Characters.
  • ​Ideal for learners who want to learn how to read, type and converse in Mandarin Chinese.

Life Time Access

​Pinyin + Radical

​2-in-1 PinYin & Radical Course Bundle for building a solid foundation to master Mandarin Chinese

  • ​​Complete lessons from our Pinyin and Radical courses at a special discount.
  • ​​Order this bundle today and save ​10%.

Life Time Access

​Complete P+R+C

​Our most comprehensive bundle consisting of all 3 fundamental courses – Pinyin, Radical & Character. Giving you all you need to master Mandarin Chinese quickly and effectively

  • ​Complete lessons from our Pinyin, Radical and Character courses at a special discount.
  • ​​​FREE 12 months Connect & Engage ​membership worth up to $​456.
  • ​Most comprehensive program valued at $​624 for a complete and immersive learning experience.
  • ​​Order this comprehensive bundle today for a total savings of $​456.

Life Time Access

​Radical + Character

​​2-in-1 Radical & Character Course Bundle for word and sentence building and growing your Chinese vocabulary

  • ​Complete lessons from our Radical and Character courses at a special discount.
  • ​​Prerequisite: To learn with this bundle correctly, learners must have prior knowledge of Pinyin.
  • ​​Order this bundle today and save ​35%.

Life Time Access

All prices in US Dollars

Here are the Connect & Engage membership packages

​Monthly subscription to access the growing video library packed with supplementary content for more in-depth learning of the Chinese language.
Connect with Chinese language learners from all over the world to share learning tips and discuss lesson topics. Join LIVE Q&A sessions to engage with professional instructors for support and feedback to aid your learning. Tune into the LIVE monthly booster classes for a more immersive learning experience.
Best for Chinese language learners looking to experience Mandarin Chinese beyond the basics.

Pay Monthly
  • ​Light and easy to get things started

​Flexible Pay-As-You-Learn option


​Pay Annually
  • ​​Simple one-time payment for 12-months access
  • ​FREE access to our complete Watch & Learn PRC Courses valued at $284
  • ​Subscribe today for a total savings of $572

​​$14 per month only.

​The simplest, most ​comprehensive move. ​


Pay ​​half-yearly
  • ​One-time payment for 6-months access
  • ​Subscribe today for a total savings of $90

​$23 per month. ​Fuss-free option with great savings


All prices in US Dollars

14 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

​When you join the MandarinKit you can rest at ease to know you’re fully protected by our 100% Effectiveness Guarantee. We’re so confident in the effectiveness of our innovative learning methods that we’re offering a no questions asked, completely hassle-free, money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with MandarinKit. If you feel you have not received value from our PRC Method courses or membership to MandarinKit, you can cancel your purchase or membership at any time within the next 14 days. Just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund.  

Is mandarinkit right for you?

​​We’d love it if you could join MandarinKit right now! But learning with MandarinKit may not be for everyone. So, here’s a good way to gauge if MandarinKit is right for you:


  • ​Chinese language learners who have tried and failed to learn ​Mandarin Chinese through conventional methods
  • ​Busy people who have no time to attend scheduled classes
  • ​​Someone who prefers the convenience of learning on their own time and at their own pace
  • ​​Beginners who are attempting to learn Mandarin Chinese for the first time or intermediate students who want to strengthen their foundation or enhance their Mandarin Chinese
  • ​​People who like following a specific program based on their proficiency level and available time


  • ​People who expect to read a Chinese newspaper or participate in a debate overnight
  • ​Individuals who have a fear of technology
  • ​Someone who prefers classroom-type learning
  • ​Those who are not independent learners or lack discipline to study on their own with little supervision
  • ​People who prefer physical interaction with teachers and peers as opposed to engaging online
  • ​Those who have no access or limited access to a computer or devices required for the course

​frequently asked questions


​How and when will I receive a confirmation after joining MandarinKit?

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​I’m not 100% sure if MandarinKit is right for me. Is there a trial period so that I can test it out?


​Which devices support MandarinKit?

​​​Can I access MandarinKit using my Android or iPhone?

​​Do I need to download any App to access MandarinKit via my mobile phone?

​Can there be more than one user per membership account?

​​Can I log on to MandarinKit on multiple devices simultaneously?

​I have a study buddy. Can I share access to the PRC Method courses and learn together simultaneously?


​​Can I skip lessons or stop in the middle of a lesson and return to it later?

​​​Can I learn or review lessons if I am offline?

​​​How often does MandarinKit update the Learning Library with new content?

​Does MandarinKit delete old content and replace it with new content?

​Is all the content on MandarinKit available immediately or is it time-released (drip fed)?


​How do I get support if I have questions about the lessons and learning aids?

​​How do I get tech support if I have issues with logging into MandarinKit?

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