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​How and when will I receive a confirmation after joining MandarinKit?

​​How soon can I access the content after joining MandarinKit?

​Can I purchase the PRC Method Courses only without having to join the monthly subscription?

​​​​​What if I don’t enjoy the PRC Method courses? Can I get a refund?

​​I’m already familiar with Pinyin, Radical and Character. Can I subscribe to Connect & Engage membership to connect ​with the MandarinKit community without first purchasing the PRC Method Courses?

​I’m not 100% sure if MandarinKit is right for me. Is there a trial period so that I can test it out?


​Which devices support MandarinKit?

​​​Can I access MandarinKit using my Android or iPhone?

​​Do I need to download any App to access MandarinKit via my mobile phone?

​Can there be more than one user per membership account?

​​Can I log on to MandarinKit on multiple devices simultaneously?

​I have a study buddy. Can I share access to the PRC Method courses and learn together simultaneously?


​​Can I skip lessons or stop in the middle of a lesson and return to it later?

​​​Can I learn or review lessons if I am offline?

​​​How often does MandarinKit update the Learning Library with new content?

​Does MandarinKit delete old content and replace it with new content?

​Is all the content on MandarinKit available immediately or is it time-released (drip fed)?


​How do I get support if I have questions about the lessons and learning aids?

​​How do I get tech support if I have issues with logging into MandarinKit?

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F​or learning specific questions, please post your question to our community forum so other students can benefit from the question and answer to learn together.